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Feb News 01.02.19
Tech news Hartal doors
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Tech News 18th Feb 2019

There has been concern shown recently about the breakage of springs in the locking mechanism of Hartal doors.

One member was told that these springs are not available as spares and a complete lock mechanism is required. I visited the Auto-Sleepers factory and discussed this issue with them. It turns out that they know of this supply issue and some time ago they contracted a local engineering firm to make these springs for them. The spares department have them in stock. They will be a fraction of the cost of a new lock mechanism.

It turns out that there are two type of Hartal door affected. Older doors, designated the 342, use two springs, while the newer design, designated the 367, uses only one. If you need either of these spring sets, you will need to provide your build number (found on the label inside the glovebox) to identify which set you require.

14 December 2018

There is an update to the Recalls pages on the website. This follows a day of consultation at Willersey and the changes result from extensive input from Auto-Sleepers. It is interesting to note that there are no current and have been no safety related recalls since 2010.

I was reminded that this process has a weakness in the system when buying a used motorhome, especially from a private seller. Recalls my not have been followed through and as a buyer, you may not know. If the recall history for your vehicle is not known, it is important to check as any safety related issues not corrected will leave you, as the vehicle operator, liable for any consequential loss, damage or injury. Ignorance of the safety shortcoming(s) is no defence in law.

Auto-Sleepers were at pains to inform me that many recalls issued do not result in re-work being carried out, as many owners do not respond, either because they cannot be found, or they ignore the recall notices, or the vehicle has been the subject of several changes of owner. It may be worth a few minutes checking your motorhome for recalls.

The Technical Group is here to be of benefit to all members of the Club. It relies on input for ideas, comments etc. So, if members have any ideas, information, vehicle reviews, or queries etc, please contact us via the contact page. All submissions to the Ideas Sheets section will be submitted Auto-Sleepers Ltd before they are published on the website. More "Hints and Tips", are always needed.