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23 August 2018
A recent Facebook posting reported the following

"Latest update from Auto-Sleepers ref the removal of the rear wheels on the 2018 Corinium. They are making arrangements for a modification to be fitted to replace the current fixed rear wheel covers. This will allow us to change the wheels as normal, if we ever need to. Great news!"

I have contacted Auto-Sleepers today for clarification and they have responded by confirming that while uprating of the Corinium from 15" to 16" wheels, they became aware of an issue getting the 16" wheels off. As a result, all vehicles with 16" wheels are fitted with removable "Spats". However, they discovered a couple where the spats had been permanently fixed by mistake. Auto-Sleepers assume this has been posted by a customer who has just been advised of this.

There is a potentially very useful addition to Hints and Tips in the pipeline – watch this space.
As you will see, the website is under review and improvement.
Deals for Members is in the process of being reviewed by the deal providers to ensure that the deals are still relevant and can be improved. This section will return to the website in September 2018. There are currently three dealers who offer discount on annual Habitation Checks that more than cover the cost of membership.
It is planned to seek permission from the various publishers of manuals held in the Club Library, to have as many of the Workshop Manuals as possible published on the website, for direct access by members. For now, the existing loan arrangement continues.

The Technical Group is here to be of benefit to all members of the Club. It relies on input for ideas, comments etc.
So, if members have any ideas, information, vehicle reviews, or queries etc, please contact us via the contact page. All submissions to the Ideas Sheets section will be submitted Auto-Sleepers Ltd before they are published on the website. More "Hints and Tips", are always needed.

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