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Auto-Sleeper Owners' club

Technical Group

    The Technical Group is intended to be of benefit to all members of the Club only. However as such it does rely on input of ideas, comments etc., from members, please!

    If, as members, you have any ideas, information, vehicle reviews, AS annual magazines, or queries etc., contact me at the e-address or postal address in the Newsletter; please.

    Note that all member's ideas will be approved by the kind services of Auto~Sleepers Ltd before they can be issued.

    The following is available to members: -

    Also available to members only is a copy of 'Archived Club 'hints&tips', printed in the Club newsletter since 2004

    If you require any of the free Ideas Sheets, please send your request to the e-address or postal address on the back page of the Newsletter.

Technical Group:

Chairman Baz Wellard
Member (general automotive) Dave Horder
Member (electronic & electrical) Peter Brown
Member (general engineering) Mike valentine