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Technical Library



    The Club's technical library is available to MEMBERS ONLY (* with a few exceptions) and includes the following information:-

·         Model reviews*:            Independent reviews for almost 60 models.  Covering most of the years when the models were in production.

·         Weights & sizes*:        Weights & sizes for models from 2001 – 2013.

·         Hints&Tips:                  Hints&tips are a collation of technical & other articles that have been printed in the newsletter over the last 10 years. 

·         Technical articles:       There is a wide range of technical extracts that have been collated over the latter years.

·         Spherical vision*:         Spherical vision showing 360deg internal views of latter models – not 2013 models.

·         Second hand prices:   Guides for resale prices for many pre-owned models

·         A~S Brochures:          Auto Sleeper brochures for 1984 to 2013 models

·         Older vehicles:             List of vehicle dismantlers.

·         General advice:            Advice or guidance is available by e-mail.

Contact me (Baz Wellard) at   or at my home address/telephone listed in the monthly newsletter


Auto Sleeper handbooks:

'Newer' model handbooks can be found on: