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 Stranraer June/July 2014

Stranraer rally - 27th June to 2nd July

    Wall to Wall Sunshine and Good Company!

    Seventeen units joined us at Aird Donald Camp Site here Sunny Galloway.           
    From the start we were bathed in warm sunshine and the wind fell away on the Sunday to a Zepher.This combination gave a very pleasant environment in which to partake of the sights & delights during the day then for socialising over coffee or tea, with nibbles, in the evenings.  Ann had assured those who were concerned that we did not have any midges here in the Rhinns of Galloway, well normally this is true but the low wind velocity allowed the little b----ers to venture forth to bother on those of a sensitive disposition.
    Saturday was Armed Forces Day but unfortunately the organisers had set out Agnew Park to accommodate the attendance of one of the Rescue Helicopters, which failed to materialise, so there was a rather big void in the Park with all the usual attractions relegated to the Loch side which on that day was to say the least rather FRESH.
    Sunday people went to attractions far & near by bus or 'van, and with the Sun very much in evidence this practise was continued for the rest of the Rally.   
    On the Monday evening we were again look after very well by the Creachmore Golf Club where we partook of a nice buffet and afterwards drew the raffle.
The Rally ended on the Wednesday am with a few people staying on for another night before continuing on to the Annan Rally, others elected to find sites en-route or made their way home, slightly bronzed!
    Many thanks to Moira and Allan Blackstock for their support, Bert & Margaret at 'Aird Donald' and to those who ventured to our own wee part of the UK.

Rally report and photos Courtesy of: - Ann & Ricky Smith


Friday morning - ready & waiting Sunday morning - and here they are
Fish & chips Who said they were short!
Ready for THEM! Winning Horseshoes team