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 St. Ives Rally - July 2013 

St Ives Rally  25th - 30th July

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As I was going to St. Ives

I met a man with . . .

. . . seven wives

Each wife had 7 sacks

Each sack had 7 cats

Each cat had 7 kits

Kits, cats, sacks, and wives  -  How many were going to St. Ives?

        That riddle goes back almost 300 years to around 1730.  However, in 2013 there were 70 members in 40 units, who went to St Ives to camp by courtesy of Avril & Leon in "Leon's Field"!   The ralliers were cordially met on arrival by our 5 marshals and 2 hosts:-

Our Marshals and Hosts
From  the top c/w:-   Theresa; Leon; Avril; Julia; Tony; Shirley; Chris & David

        As usual contained in the welcome envelope were details of ralliers, what was available in the local area and general advice.  There is often a quiz in the envelope and this one was no exception. Julia had gone to great lengths to use the St. Ives poem as an exceptional quiz. 
        Julia had produced 30 graphics of the characters referred in the poem (see above) and had persuaded shopkeepers throughout St. Ives to display the majority of them in their windows, with a few other graphics in most unusual places.   Ralliers were to be seen scurrying round and seeking these graphics and listing where they were displayed on the answer sheet.  It was great idea which was eventually won jointly by Shelagh & Barbara.

        On the evening of arrival was the usual teas & coffees and welcome speech by Julia, where members got to know each other.

        Julia & Tony had negotiated a 50% discount price for punts on the River Cam in Cambridge.  As Julia & Tony had the traits of Yorkshire folk, in negotiating, Steve enrolled them as honorary Yorkshire folk!
        Thirty one members went by the very smart and efficient 'guided' bus-way' service (using bus passes) directly into Cambridge, where they were met by Steve who guided them to the punt moorings.  The very pleasant return punt journey took just under an hour with good guides explaining the different Colleges backing onto the river, with unusual anecdotes about the Colleges and students (See photos).  Members also took the opportunity to have a lunch and walk around the very busy streets, packed with a great many overseas visitors.       

        On Sunday afternoon there was a big band concert alongside the river at 'The Waits' in St. Ives.  A great many members went along and took advantage of the good weather to sit and listen.  On the same evening we had a BBQ evening/bring your own food, and an auction.  In the latter activity Cedric, in his inimitable way, held an evening auction of bric-a-brac, with members joining in with enthusiasm and buying up virtually everything that was up for auction - even 20 old/original hessian sacks 'donated' by Avril & Leon, which went for £1 each!  The final figure also included some cash donations.   Julia accepted a cheque for £145  from Chris - which she will present to the East Anglia Air Ambulance charity.   Update:  Julia say's it's now risen to £151!

         Monday  evening we had teas & coffees get together and the raffle was drawn. Thanks given to the Marshals and our Hosts Avril & Leon.

        Tuesday saw the ralliers leaving to go onto the next rally or return home with fond memories of the 2013 St. Ives rally and the town.

And Finally:   
One sad piece of news is that Julia, Shirley, Theresa, Chris and David have decided that it was time to take a rest and would not be running any more rallies for a while.  They have worked extremely hard over 15 years running many rallies.  Everyone could understand their decision and they were thanked for all the efforts they have all contributed to the Club.  We all wish them well and hope they have a happy relaxing time.
        However a good piece of news is that Barbara & Al, who you will know from the National Rally, will take on the rally site next year supported by Pam & Steve.

Rally report & photo gallery courtesy of - Baz Wellard.

Julia & Shirley Serving

Ralliers settling down for an evening in sunshine

One naughty rallier!

Steve awarding Julia & Tony as Honorary Yorkshire folk with a white rose!

General views of the river Great Ouse flowing through St. Ives

Avril & Leon's Great Oak

Big Band at The Waits

Riverside at The Waits

More teas & coffees

Tesco Kid - aka Chris

Cedric in full flow auctioneering

Punting on the River Cam
Photographs courtesy of Steve

Evening meal

Raffle prizes with Marshals

Chris presenting a Cheque for £145 Now £151!