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 Lichfield rally 2013

Lichfield Rally 18th - 22nd July


            As the song says  " What a difference a day makes . . ."    For the 2013 Lichfield rally however . . .  “ What a difference a year makes . .  "!             

Last year the rally area in Lichfield's lovely park was, in some areas, ankle deep in mud and changes to the layout had to be rapidly made.  This year the weather was glorious, field well mown, hard and perfect over the whole park area.

            For the second year running, Chris & Peter ran the Lichfield rally catering for 32 units. This time with the assistance of Angie & Andy.  The rally took the winning format of previous years, so rather than repeat the description (The 2012 rally report is still on the website), this report is a brief description & photo gallery.  

Ralliers at the mobile jacket potato van, the raffle; and farewell teas & coffees:-

Most ralliers took the opportunity over the weekend to walk around the town and visit the Cathedral.  Where there was a small selection of the famous Staffordshire Hoard the largest hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold ever found.  It was found just outside Lichfield in 2009.  Several ralliers also ventured further into the countryside, by both bike and motorhome.

The mobile van once again returned on Saturday with its jacket potatoes with a wide selection of fillings.  All the ralliers joined in and the marshals supplemented the meal with wine and a sweet.  The evening was complemented by a very pleasant sunset.    On Sunday evening the raffle was drawn and the answers to Angie's film quiz were read out - the winner was Dorothy.  Neil, on behalf of the ralliers, gave a thank you speech to the hard working Marshals.

The rally finished on Monday morning and ralliers went on their way; either to the next Club rally at St Ives; going further afield or making their way home.

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Mobile Baked Potato Van

Angie & Chris

Andy, Angie & Barbara

General seating in the lovely evening sunset

General seating in the lovely evening sunset


             Lichfield is a very pleasant town dating back to the 1st century, and has several statues to commemorate some of the town’s earlier leading figures.  It also has a magnificent cathedral with, unusually, 3 steeples - the two pairs being of slightly differing heights.  It also has many old buildings making the tour, details available from the Tourist Office, well worth while.

Lichfield Cathedral

Samuel Johnson - Writer

James Boswell- Writer

King Edward V11

Edward Smith - Titanic captain

No Inscription!

Lichfield Park

Lichfield Shopping Precinct

 National Memorial Arboretum:-

            Only 8 miles away from Lichfield is the new National Memorial Arboretum which is UK’s year round centre of remembrance for the service and sacrifice of the many who gave their life for their country, both military and civilians.  It is extremely thought provoking and a visit is well recommended. Entrance is free and parking only £3.  Several ralliers went there by the Sunday bus, cycling or by van

    There are a great many very worthwhile memorials and this is only a sample:-


Main Central Memorial

Pointing to the gateway to heaven; finding a dead comrade
& carving the  names.

Sun rays shine through 2 walls only on 11th day
of 11th month of the 11th hour onto the wreath

Depicting those involved in
the loss of a loved one

RAF Association Civil Defence South Atlantic Task Force
REME Light Infantry Parachute Regiment

Queen Alexandra's Nursing Corp

Royal Tank Corp

Stillbirth & Neonatal
Death Charity

  Genuine section of the Burma-Thailand railway
(The only piece ever leaving Burma)

.Rally report & photo gallery - Baz Wellard