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 Fort Paull Rally - August 2012

 Fort Paull Rally  11th - 16th August 2012 

    Twenty nine motorhomes attended the 2nd rally at this venue in Yorkshire.

    Saturday evening we welcomed everyone with refreshments, gave information on the area and the site (which is a museum).  The weather forecast looked promising for the next few days.

    Sunday coincided with the last day of the London Olympics, so we thought we’d join in and have our own Fort Paull Olympics.  Granted the “sports” we had lined up bore no resemblance to the London ones, nevertheless, the activities seemed to be a success and medals were presented.  You may wonder what these activities were!  Well, there was the “balloon decorating”, the country flag quiz, oh and the “croc chucking”.  This last one, having several participants in the final (being the nearest to chucking a croc into a box) we were pleased when there came a “bolt” out of the blue, a dead cert winner who managed to get a croc into the box, making the final unnecessary.  Most people who joined in, seemed to enjoy the Fort Paull Olympics and as there were members with some degree of mobility issues, it was decided to hold our own version of the Paralympics as well.  Look out for these new sports in Rio 2016.

    Monday was a 'do-as-you-please' day and everyone went to the far corners of East Yorkshire, well mostly into Kingston upon Hull or the coast.  Later in the day, we had a game of French marbles and thankfully we lost having won last time in 2010.

    Tuesday evening we had cheese and wine on the “Berliner” train in the museum grounds, the Elvis special I call it, as he travelled on this type of train whilst in the army in Germany.

    On Wednesday, most of us had a meal in the café/bar on the site where we had a quiz and a raffle.  It had been very hot today but we did have a bit of heavy rain as well.

    Thursday, everyone left for Whitby or other venues and the marshals, Jean & Dave Hollingsworth and Janis & Mike Wood went home for a rest.

    N.B.    It is intended to run this rally bi-annually, just prior to the annual Whitby rally, making it a more viable proposition to visit the County of Yorkshire.

Rally report and photos courtesy of:   Jean Hollingsworth.

Club inspection of the last surviving Blackburn Beverley

Cheese & wine on the Berliner train (AKA the Elvis)