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  ACCEO AGM Rally - October 3rd to 8th 2012 
(aka Diary of an ACCEO Rally)

            ASOC is a member of ACCEO (Association of Caravan & Camping Exempted Organisation) - the body that represents camping, caravanning & motor homing activities in negotiations with Government and other bodies.  At the ACCEO AGM, in October 2010, a request was made for a volunteer Club to run their AGM rally in 2012.  Peter Brown, who represents our Club at the ACCEO meetings, reported this back to our November Committee meeting, at which it was agreed that we would volunteer to host the function.   

            Subsequently a small informal sub-Committee was formed - chaired by Andy Cavell with Angie Cavell, Peter Brown, Chris Mawdesley and Jan & Vic Hicklin.  Auto Sleepers Group also kindly agreed to support this venture with a financial donation and show representative motorhomes at the rally itself. Over the following months planning and implementation gradually progressed.

            When viewing the suggested site it was considered, unfortunately, unsuitable.  After looking at other options - Lickhill Manor Caravan Park at Stourport was selected and the dates set for 3rd to 8th October.  With ACCEO involvement, contracts were signed with the Lickhill Manor site Management and also a company to provide a large pavilion marquee with tables, chairs, dance floor and floor covering.  Coachman Caravan Club kindly agreed that we could have use of their own PA system, and Tony Nicholls agreed to set it up at the various times.  ACCEO took responsibility to contact other member clubs inviting them to attend the rally.   

For ASOC - Jan & Vic Hicklin agreed to become the rally marshals and recruit assistants. Pauline & Neil Rogers agreed to organise the teas & coffees and ‘goody bags’ from Auto Sleepers Group.    Angie Cavell offered to run a quiz evening and Ozzie Jones accepted responsibility to manage the various chair & table layouts etc in the Pavilion.   Liz Ervin and Jeanne Hall agreed to manage all the ASOC bookings (30 motorhomes attended), and Dorothy and Baz Wellard volunteered to run the prize draw.

Mon 1st Oct: -     Andy Cavell and Peter Brown were first to arrive at Lickhill Manor C.P. to meet with management; finalise arrangements; check condition and decide where to erect the pavilion etc.  There had been quite a lot of rain recently but the lovely grassy area alongside the River Severn, was considered soft but not too soft.  

Tue 2nd Oct: -   Damp and a little wet.  During the day seven other ASOC motorhomes and a Coachman caravan arrived - consisting of the sub committee and other volunteers to assist in getting the rally site prepared.  Vic took the condition of the grass into consideration as he, Jan & Peter set out the pitch pegs. There is an ACCEO standing requirement to provide a facility to charge batteries and accordingly 230v outlets were provided in a small tent awning.  During the day the Pavilion Company erected the pavilion and laid the special matting floor.  

            Wed 3rd Oct: -   A few light showers.  The first tranche of 70 ralliers arrived starting at around 1000.  They were all greeted at the reception tent, given their rally brochure and a copy of the ACCEO Officers’ Reports, with other brochures, in their ‘goody bags’.  They were then guided directly to their specifically selected pitch to suit their own club group. 
            Angie took orders for the following day’s newspapers and continued to collect/deliver up to Sunday morning.  In the evening about 24 ralliers collected in the pavilion for an impromptu gathering; however as the temperature was rather low they did not stay too late.

            Thur 4th Oct: -   Sunny day with light winds after some overnight rain.  Four Auto Sleeper motorhomes were delivered – Surrey; 50th Anniversary Executive; Windrush and the Trident.  They were open throughout the rally and attended by staff from Marquis.  Another 30 rallier vans arrived and were again directed to their pitches.  Meanwhile, as a result of the chilly temperature in the Pavilion the night before, Andy contacted the Pavilion Contractors and they brought 2 very welcome diesel heaters along with the tables; chairs and the dance floor. 
            Many ralliers took advantage of the good weather (and on other days) to either walk along the banks of the River Severn to Stourport or go further afield in their vehicles to view the area.  Some ralliers attempted to walk upstream to Bewdley but the river bank was very muddy and slippery, and I am not aware if any actually succeeded. 
            During the evening, and subsequent evenings, Dorothy and her team of volunteers sold Prize Draw tickets. Also Angie ran an excellent, and well received, general knowledge quiz – raising £107 for the charities. 

            Fri 5th Oct: -   Heavy overnight rain, drying up during the morning. The remainder of the ralliers arrived bringing the total to around 120 units.  An impromptu book stall was started which brought in a welcome sum of £47 to go with the other amounts for the charities.
            After a short welcoming speech by Rob Heath, ACCEO Chairman, the evening continued with a simple social event enjoyed by around 170 ralliers, with a light  background music provided by
Tony Nicholls.  

            Sat 6th Oct: -   A very impressive, lovely misty morning (for those up early!) followed by a very sunny dry day. The formal proceedings for the ACCEO AGM were held starting at 1400.  It was followed by an Open Forum where anyone could, and did, raise questions or make comments.  The event was well attended, and the minutes will be distributed by ACCEO in due course.
            In the evening approximately 180 ralliers attended the pavilion to dance, watch or listen to the band of “Izzy the Push”.

            Sun 7th Oct: -  Dry overnight with a frosty morning (which saw Angie scraping her car windscreen before she collected the last of the papers).
            Teas and coffees were made available in the morning by Pauline and Neil Rogers and their assistants, while the last of the prize draw tickets were purchased, raising a total of £777 for the charities.  Andy gave a short speech thanking all those attending, and the ASOC team for their efforts.   Rob Heath (ACCEO Chairman) reiterated Andy’s comments - especially the effort that ASOC had put in to make the rally so successful.  He also introduced Swift Owners’ Club as next year’s AGM rally organisers.   The date for the 30th AGM will be 5th October 2013 at Towcester.
            Following a short talk by a representative from Grove Insurance, the Grand Draw took place.  The main prize was a very attractive large garden BBQ donated by Calor Gas worth £400 and weighing 57Kg.  There were 80 prizes in total and the winning ralliers’ tickets were drawn by Angie and the prizes drawn by Dorothy.  The prizes (unless too big) were handed direct to the lucky winners by a team of 8 volunteer ladies.
            In the evening Barbara Buckett introduced a new game of ‘egg rolling’.  A hilarious, unskilful and frustrating game, raising another £45, which along with the earlier figures, and personal donations, meant the rally had raised a total of £1037. 

            And finally:  David Thompson (ACCEO Finance Officer & National Rally Coordinator) thanked Andy Cavell (ASOC Chairman) for the sum £1037 which will be shared equally between The National Autistic Society and the Alzheimer’s Society.

            Mon 8th Oct: -   Heavy drizzle.  Ralliers slowly gathered up their gear and made their way home, whilst the ASOC marshals tidied up and ensured everyone got away without any problems. 


For your 'new' diary:   The 2013 ACCEO AGM is on Saturday 5th October at Towcester Racecourse


Rally report courtesy of:   Baz Wellard

Photo gallery courtesy of:   Baz Wellard & Dave Hollingsworth

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Lickhill Manor Caravan Park ACCEO & ASOC Flags


First instructions Waiting to marshal the ralliers First rallier appears
Ralliers gradually get sited Auto Sleeper Demos on site Hymer Group
Autotrail Group Coachman Club The Doves
ASOC (Hosts) Early morning mist Just hanging around!
80 Prizes were donated for the Grand Draw - with £777 going to the two charities
Enjoying dancing or listening to "Izzy the Push"
Teas & Coffees before the draw Preparing for the first draw ticket Don claiming the 1st prize - the BBQ
Waiting for their tickets to be drawn Drawing the prizes ACCEO with their prizes
The raffle team Barbara's hilarious egg rolling competition

And finally handing over the rally donation:-

David Thompson (ACCEO Finance Officer & National Rally coordinator)  receiving the charity donation of £1037 from Andy Cavell (ASOC Chairman)