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 Guide & Rules for Rally Marshals and Information for Ralliers 

Guide for Rally Marshals:-

Before booking a Rally, please contact the Rally Co-ordinator for approval of date and venue.


A Marshal


The administration and supervision of a rally is carried out by a marshal.  It is usual in ASOC for a marshal to be a couple together in one van, however occasionally the marshal is actually two single people each in their own van.  It is ASOC’s policy that a marshal should be entitled to a free pitch on the rally; in this context the Club recommendation is 1 Marshal for up to 20 vans, 2 for up to 40 and 3 as an absolute maximum.


A Rally


A rally is a meeting of club members to camp and socialise.  Rallies can be held in the UK and Europe, they are the initiative of individual club members who voluntarily and at their own expense identify a suitable site, make all of the arrangements and are on site to conduct the rally.


Camping in Motorhomes in the UK is regulated by the Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960.  For land to be used as a caravan site it must have a caravan licence and planning permission for the use; many such sites exist and we refer to them as ‘Commercial Sites’.


The first schedule to the 1960 Act contains paragraphs that detail cases where a caravan site licence and planning permission is not required.  ASOC is able to conduct rallies under the terms of two of these paragraphs on what we call Green Field sites:


Paragraph 6 Exemption ASOC have been granted a paragraph 6 exemption certificate.  The time spent on site is strictly limited to 120 hours (5 days), this includes any setting up time required by Marshals.  The rally has to be supervised by a member of ASOC and only permanent members of ASOC can attend.


Paragraph 4 Exemption ASOC is a member of the Association of Caravan and Camping Exempted Organisations (ACCEO).  ACCEO hold a para 4 exemption certificate that can be used (on application) by member clubs. ASOC have to have a marshal who is a personal member of ACCEO to supervise activity on site, ACCEO have to enter into a legal contract with the land owner and also consult local councils before using the site - and not use it if the council objects.  ASOC can spend no more than 28 days at a time at these sites.


If the site is within a National Park, permission would need to be granted by the National Park Authority. This procedure can take at least a year and would be dealt with by the Rally Co-ordinator.  A local authority can remove exemption from a site and/or an organisation if they receive a complaint or objection. 

Rally Venue


The minimum requirement for a rally site is a fresh water supply and elsan emptying point.


i) Commercial Sites  the conditions laid down by the site warden should be observed.

Some commercial sites have a separate area used for rallies, which would be classed as a ‘Green Field’ site.


ii)  ‘Green Field’ Site  rallies will be held under the terms of an Exemption Certificate (paragraph 6 exemption).  If setting up for a 5 day rally cannot be achieved within the 120 hour time frame, a Marshal may seek, as a private individual, permission from the land owner to camp for up to two days, using their own insurance cover. ASOC does not use Green Field sites for rallies outside the UK.


Siting Motorhomes


On a Commercial Site, units should be sited in accordance with the pitches agreed with the site warden.


On a ‘Green Field’ site spacing is important. The minimum distance allowed between Motorhomes in all directions is 6m (20ft) to enable access for emergency vehicles and safe evacuation if necessary. For this reason, vehicles should ideally be facing the same way and in neat lines.


When marking out the site, remember to allow space for each Motorhome. 3m (10ft) for width and up to 8m (26ft) for length. If space is tight, the length calculation can be reduced, if shorter vans are booked on the rally.


Please reserve pitches near to facilities for disabled members and electric hook ups where requested.


Things to Consider


·         Whether a booking fee or deposit is required. If so, please check procedure with the Rally Co-ordinator

·         The site fee and electric hook up charges per night

·         The availability of free pitches for Marshal/s

·         The condition of the land – soft ground should be avoided at all costs

·         Location and flow of Fresh Water Point – if slow, congestion may arise

·         Chemical Toilet Emptying facility – if water is not available, suitable water containers need to be provided to rinse cassettes. Under no circumstances are cassette toilets to be rinsed out using Drinking Water taps

·         The availability of toilets on site

·         The disposal of rubbish – if there is no rubbish disposal point, provide bags for members to take rubbish home

·         The whereabouts of dog exercise area

·         Whether the site has a room suitable for ‘communal use’ -  if you wish to use a Club urn, please reserve with the Rally Co-ordinator


Information for Ralliers


·         Site address, including post code – also required in the event of an emergency for the relevant services.

o       Address and phone number of the nearest:

§         Doctor

§         Hospital/A&E Dept

§         Dentist

§         Vet

o       These details should be displayed prominently or given to all ralliers in ‘welcome envelope’


·         Location of

o       Shops

o       Pubs/Restaurants

o       Bus Stop

o       Railway Station

o       Local attractions


Rally Costing


To comply with Club policy, ensure the rally at least breaks even.


Receipts are required for all items costing over £20 and for other items wherever possible.


Site Fee


The charge made by the site, per night, multiplied by the number of nights of the rally.  In some cases this may also include electrics, otherwise show the cost of electrics separately.


Some sites do not charge Rally Marshals for a pitch during a rally. If a charge is made, the cost should be added to the site fee paid by ralliers. Calculate this by dividing the cost of Marshal/s pitches by the anticipated number of participants and add to the site fee.


Rally Fee


The rally fee is designed to cover the cost of extras provided during the rally such as light refreshments, bin bags, envelopes etc. as well as small admin expenses incurred in arranging the rally plus rally plaques at £1.00 each (min order 25). Rally plaques are ordered through the Rally Co-ordinator once the Rally has been confirmed and paid for by the club treasurer.


Travel expenses are not paid by the Club. Purchases of equipment or large expenditure is subject to prior approval by the Rally Co-ordinator.




A raffle may be organised, but is not a requirement. To comply with the Gambling Act, raffle tickets may only be sold to Club members during the rally. Proceeds are to be sent to the Club, although the cost of raffle ticket books and the purchase of prizes can be reimbursed from the proceeds, however ralliers are usually very generous in donating prizes. Each year the club committee agree an amount of the raffle profits to be included in the donation to the club’s chosen Charity at the National Rally.


Rally Refreshments & Meals


It is customary to hold a ‘get-together’ on the first evening of a rally with light refreshments to introduce first time ralliers and announce any planned arrangements. A similar event can be held on the last evening/morning.


A meal may be arranged on site or at a local Pub/Restaurant. On site it is important all food is prepared and/or handled by adults. The use of Barbeques is permissible with site owner’s permission and providing they are sited at least 6m from any van if used in a group barbeque. Individuals use a barbeque at their own risk.


Organised meals and/or entertainment are optional extras to be paid for by the ralliers in addition to the site and rally fees.


Publication of Rally


Details of rallies are usually announced in the Rally Supplement of the Club Newsletter two months beforehand and bookings cannot be taken until this notice appears. Prepare a rally ‘advertisement’ in a similar format to others in the supplement, identifying the location, dates, Marshal’s details, price and directions, plus any other information thought to be beneficial. Send to the Rally Co-ordinator as soon as possible.


Once the rally has been confirmed, the Rally Co-ordinator will send ‘Rules for Rally Marshals’ and an agreement letter to be signed by the Marshal, along with other relevant documentation. 


Please remember rallies should be as much enjoyment for the Marshal/s as for participants.


The Rally Co-ordinator or any member of the Committee will be happy to answer any queries or concerns and attendees on rallies are always more than willing to assist in any way.

August 2015


Rules for Rally Marshals:-

1.            Attendance at rallies is restricted to ASOC members. Please check membership cards on arrival.


2.            Site fees should be charged to members as described in the Guide for Rally Marshals. The entitlement of free pitches only applies to 1 Marshal per 20 vans up to a maximum of 3. The Rally fee is to cover light refreshments, small admin costs and rally plaques at £1.00 each (min order 25). Obtain prior approval from the Rally Co-ordinator for purchases of equipment etc. Receipts are required for all items costing over £20 and for other items wherever possible. Claims for Travel costs are not permitted.  The Rally Cash summary and supporting documents should be sent to the club as soon as possible after the rally has finished and any surplus funds paid to the club.


3.            Rallies held on a ‘green field’ site under the terms of the Club’s Paragraph 6 Exemption Certificate have a limit to the time spent on site of a maximum of 120 hours (5 days). This includes any setting up time required by marshals. During the rally, it is necessary for at least one nominated club member to take responsibility and remain on site at all times.  If an ASOC rally is held under the terms of the ACCEO Paragraph 4 Exemption Certificate (up to 28 days), the ACCEO rules apply.


4.            Observe the ‘Codes of Conduct and Practice for Rallies’ along with ‘The Motorhome Code’, ‘The Countryside Code’ and the ‘Code of Conduct for Organised Walks & Cycle Rides’ as published in the ASOC Member’s Handbook.


5.            To allow the necessary space for emergency vehicles and site evacuation, a minimum of 6m (20ft) is required, in all directions, between Motorhomes.


6.            Have the site post code and telephone number of the Marshal available for the emergency services, if called.


7.            The rinsing out of Chemical Toilet Cassettes under Drinking Water taps is prohibited.


8.            To comply with the Gambling Act, send proceeds from a Raffle (if held) to the Club. Raffle tickets may only be sold to Club Members and only during the Rally.


9.            No ball games are allowed within the vicinity of parked Motorhomes. Dogs to be kept on leads at all times and dog excrement disposed of correctly.


10.          Noise should be kept to a minimum and Generators only used between 10.00am and 2.00pm or at the discretion of the Rally Marshal.


11.          Rally directional signs are permissible, but not on the highway.



Please remember at all times that the Club’s reputation is at stake


Guide for Ralliers:-

Any member in the Club may rally but there is a procedure to follow. 

Without exception, dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times outside the motorhome and within the rally area.

1. If you see a rally you wish to attend advertised in the Rally Supplement in the Newsletter, complete a rally slip which you will find in the Rally Supplement.      Complete ALL sections on both sides of the rally slip. Ensure that ALL family members attending a rally are listed on the slip, this number is subject to the sleeping capacity of your Auto-Sleeper.

2. Calculate the amount of money to be sent to the Rally Marshal named in the rally information. This includes site fees for the number of nights of the rally and the Rally Fee. The Rally Fee is a one off payment for a rally, NOT a per night fee.

3. Return the RALLY SLIP and a CHEQUE for the total amount of the cost of the rally to the Marshal, whose address is given in the rally information. If you wish to have confirmation that you have been accepted on the rally please enclose a SAE or Email address.

4. Return the rally slip and cheque as soon as possible to the named marshal as rallies are very popular.

5. If you find that you cannot attend the rally then please inform the Marshal as soon as possible as they may have others waiting to attend. We always try to give a telephone number for the site or the Marshal’s mobile. If you are delayed en route please telephone the Marshal on site, if possible.

6. The only rallies that this system does not apply to are the Club National & A.G.M. & the large show rallies. THE APPLICATION FORM FOR THE NATIONAL & AGM RALLY IS SENT OUT WITH THE NEWSLETTER. All relevant information is given on the Form/Rally Supplement including closing dates.

7. For large Show Rallies i.e. Peterborough, Great Western, Malvern & Lincoln, the bookings are made through the Show organisers and payment should be sent to them, using the appropriate forms to be found in Motorhome magazines, before the closing date. Forms for Peterborough, Northern Motorhome & Lincoln Shows are now being issued with the Club Newsletter. Special Club site fees are sometimes available and these are advertised in the Rally Supplement in the Newsletter.

8. When you have sent your application form and fee to the Show organisers then send a completed rally slip to the Club’s Marshal with the appropriate rally fee. You cannot book with the Organisers at the special Club site fee and then rally elsewhere on the site.

9. REFUNDS. The rally fee will have already been used so there will normally be no refund. Site fees may only be refunded when and if it is possible to fill the vacant pitch. This will be subject to the terms agreed with the site owner by the rally marshal.

10. Please remember that rallies start and close at 12 noon, unless otherwise stated. Failure to keep to these times can cause the Club problems with the Exemption Certificate used on green field sites.
Early arrivals can also cause the marshal problems. To avoid causing embarrassment please arrive at a rally after the given start time.  

11. Extra items such as trailers, cars (with vans) tents etc. may only be accepted on site with the prior agreement of the marshal.

12. Membership cards must be available for inspection at all rallies.

    Finally if you have any problems with booking for a rally then please contact the Rally Co-ordinator. The address, telephone number & e-mail are to be found at the end of the Rally Supplement If the Rally Co-ordinator is not available please leave a message on the answering machine or send a fax or an e-mail and your enquiry will dealt with as soon as possible.

 Updated November 2015