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Auto-Sleeper Owners' club


    Welcome to the Auto-Sleeper Owners' Club (ASOC) Website.

    The ASOC is a very active single-make motorhome club and is only open to current owners of Auto Sleeper motorhomes. These motorhomes are built by Auto-Sleepers, and the models applicable are listed on the Technical Group page.

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General Information

    The Auto-Sleeper Owners’ Club is a Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital. This means that, should the Club be wound up and have insufficient assets to meet its debts, the most that each member can be asked to contribute towards the deficit is £1, and every member guarantees to do so if required. If the Club were not a limited company, each member’s liability would be unlimited.

    Latest, and previous, updates are detailed at update

The Club's Rules and Objectives

    Rules:    The Club’s rules are contained in its Articles of Association and Bylaws which are also included in the Club handbook.  By signing a membership application form, every new member agrees to abide by these rules.

    Objectives:    The Clubs main objectives are set out in its Memorandum and Articles of Association as:

    The Memorandum also gives the Club the right to carry out a wide range of activities in support of these aims.


    Rules:    The club's Articles of Association is progressively developed as a result of proposed amendments from the members or the Committee at the Annual General Meeting.

    Membership:    There are approximately 2,400 members (1,200 motorhomes) nationwide with some members living abroad.

    Member's Handbook:    A handbook is issued to all members providing them with comprehensive details of the Club.

    Rallies:    The club has a full rally programme with venues throughout the country and often on the continent. There is also one large rally each year, The National Rally which encompasses the Annual Dinner and Dance, wide entertainment and the Annual General Meeting

    Club Newsletter:    A copy of the monthly ASOC News is posted to all members at the beginning of each month.  Also available on Application is an On-line (password controlled) full colour copy.

    The News consists of articles from members covering travel experiences; reports of rallies; requests for advice & information; hints & tips; opinions of current interest and a ‘for sale and wanted’ section.  Also incorporated are regular pieces from the Club Chairman; Technical Chairman; Membership Secretary; Editor and occasional articles from other Committee Members and the Auto Sleepers Group. 
An accompanying rally supplement, from the Rally coordinator, gives full details of the forthcoming rallies - with rally application forms. 

    Technical Group:    There is also a Technical Group where information can be obtained on:-

     Please note that facilities and services, provided by the club, cannot be used until you have full membership.

Prospective new members

    If you are interested in joining the club please read the Enquiry letter, Articles of Association & the Bylaws and fill in the application form. and send it, with your cheque, to the Membership Secretary, Auto-Sleeper Owners' Club, C/o Auto~Sleepers Ltd, Orchard Works, Willersey, Nr. Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7QF.     

Web contact

    For members - see the Newsletter for e-address and postal address or if the Newsletter is not readily available see below :-
rospective & non members - to Baz Wellard or send to Baz Wellard, Technical Group Chairman & Webmaster, The Auto-Sleepers Owners' Club, C/o Auto~Sleepers, Orchard Works, Willersey, Nr. Broadway, Worcestershire, WR12 7QF.


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    If you would like automatic advice when & what changes have been made to this website - please send your e-mail address to the e-address in the Newsletter.

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Baz Wellard
Chairman, Technical Group & Webmaster